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Westchester County

2016 Real Estate sales in Westchester County were very strong.  There were more transactions for SF homes sales (over 6200) than in any other year over the past 10 years and the County wide median price has held steady for the past 3 years between $624,000 and $635,000



  • Market activity in the Village has slowed down slightly in 2016 with 42 transactions vs. 45 in 2015
  • Median price is slightly higher from $2.5m to $2.6m 
  • Bronxville currently has a surplus inventory at... Read more.

Lowball or highball? Neither! Determining the asking price for your home can be extremely challenging. On the one hand, you don't want to set a price that's too high because it will discourage showings and serious offers from qualified, motivated buyers. 

On the other hand, setting the price too low will attract lots of interest but set the stage for offers and negotiations that might result in selling your home for less than its full-market value. Here’s are some tips, adapted from our new Houlihan & O'Malley Home Seller's Guide, which can help you determine the best asking... Read more.

Just making the decision that you’re committed to buying a new home is exhilarating. It is a time brimming with possibility and the potential to find not just a new place to dwell, but a new quality of life. Buying a new home can mean new possibilities for your family, new rooms to decorate the way you like, and new scenery to enjoy.

The decision is just the beginning of an adventure that can be filled with discovery. However, it also can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know what to expect from the actual process of purchasing a... Read more.


When the time comes to put your home on the market, many sellers think they should wait until after the holidays. However, there are several unexpected advantages to listing your home now rather than waiting until the New Year.

1. Motivated Buyers

Tis the season! There may be fewer buyers looking, but those who are tend to be motivated buyers. Homes often sell faster during the holidays, and for more money. Plus, there’s always that buyer who wants to give the ultimate gift to a loved one - a new home! 

2. Less Competition

Because the holidays can... Read more.


Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Spring, Part II


While the first blog in this two-part series focused on tips to improve the look of your

home's exterior, this one highlights steps to enhance your property in order to add curb

appeal to attract potential buyers.


1. Fix stone walkways and retaining walls as well as the Belgian blocks lining your 

driveway that were ruined by winter snow, road salt, or careless plowing.  The best way 

to find a top-notch mason is to check with colleagues and friends to see... Read more.


Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Spring, Part I


With the horrible winter weather finally behind us and the “pollen tsunami” beginning to subside, now is the perfect time to turn attention to your house. This spring, why not give it some extra curb appeal? The goal is to make the home’s exterior look crisp and clean and help it stand out, thus increasing your chances of enticing potential buyers to want to take a peak inside.  Here are some helpful hints to get the ball rolling:


1. Get the... Read more.


As a leading expert on the Bronxville and Southern Westchester real estate scene, Houlihan & O'Malley is frequently featured in the media. Following are some of the top stories in recent months. They are chockfull of useful advice for homebuyers and sellers on topics ranging from current home design trends to real estate concierge services.  Click on the article links below to learn more!


What Homebuyers Are Looking For In 2015: So Long Granite, Hello Options!

Bronxville, March 27, 2015

From composite countertops to... Read more.


What Westchester Homebuyers Are Looking For In 2015:

So Long Granite, Hello……… Options!


From composite countertops to outdoor entertainment spaces and faux-wood decks, Westchester homebuyers have some new preferences when it comes to what they want in a home. While stainless steel kitchen appliances and open floor plans continue to be in high demand, homebuyers' 2015 wish lists contain some surprises, according to Joe Houlihan, managing partner of Houlihan & O'Malley, Bronxville's leading boutique real estate agency.


In southern Westchester, proximity to schools and public transportation has also become an increasingly... Read more.