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Westchester County

Last year recorded the most single family home sales in Westchester County in the past five years. Year to date activity is on par with last year’s performance. The median price continues to gradually improve and has reached $650,000 so far this year. The county wide peak was a median price of $685,000, prior to the financial crisis. Limited inventory is being reported throughout the County especially homes priced under $1 million. 




Bronxville Village

There have been 25 sales of detached single family... Read more.

Bronxville Village

2017 Q1-1st quarter market activity in Bronxville Village is in line with the two prior years 2015 and 2016, reflecting a continued pull back from amazingly strong years 2012 through 2014. Recent activity shows this market has been particularly strong in the $2-$4 million range. 


Bronxville PO/Yonkers

2017 Q1-1st quarter activity in the Bronxville PO is the strongest its been over the past 5 years.  Buyers continue to be drawn to the favorable real estate tax rates that they cannot find in any of the... Read more.

A look at first and second quarter sales figures, combined with a peek at homes in contract as of June 30, indicate that 2016’s single family home sales in Bronxville Village are keeping pace with last year’s robust sales volume total of 45. Year to date, there have been 22 single family homes sold in the Village, compared to 19 for the first six months of 2015. In addition, 14 homes were in contract as of the end of June.


If sales continue at this rate through the end of the year, it... Read more.

We've got good news to report ­– at least if you're a local home seller! The median price of a single-family home went up 12 percent in Bronxville Village in 2015, rising from $2,190,000 in 2014 to $2,455,000 this past year, according to Houlihan & O'Malley market analysis. Our office research, based on sales data supplied by the Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service, also shows that the median home sale in the Bronxville P.O. area of Yonkers remained almost unchanged, with the price dipping from $805,000 in 2014 to $801,750 in 2015, less... Read more.

Good news! Not all millennials are living with their parents and struggling to pay off student loan debt. As the economy grows stronger and the 18-34 year-olds in this demographic group find their employment prospects improving, millennials, especially those on the older end of the spectrum, are looking to buy homes. At Houlihan & O'Malley Real Estate Services In Bronxville, NY, for example, sales data shows the number of millennials buying homes has risen significantly, from 28 percent in 2012 to an average of 40 percent in 2013 and 2014, according to Joe Houlihan, the firm's managing partner.


This... Read more.