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When the time comes to put your home on the market, many sellers think they should wait until after the holidays. However, there are several unexpected advantages to listing your home now rather than waiting until the New Year.

1. Motivated Buyers

Tis the season! There may be fewer buyers looking, but those who are tend to be motivated buyers. Homes often sell faster during the holidays, and for more money. Plus, there’s always that buyer who wants to give the ultimate gift to a loved one - a new home! 

2. Less Competition

Because the holidays can... Read more.



YTD 9/30/2016 Bronxville Village single family sales (not including townhouses) totaled 38 closed transactions.  This level of activity would seem to indicate that we are on track to reach the 2015 total of 45 homes sold.  A closer look indicates that that will not happen since there are only 4 homes in contract as of mid-October which would point to a total of 42 transactions for the year, the lowest level of activity since 2011.

There is also a notable slowdown in showing activity of village homes since September 1st.  In some... Read more.

A look at first and second quarter sales figures, combined with a peek at homes in contract as of June 30, indicate that 2016’s single family home sales in Bronxville Village are keeping pace with last year’s robust sales volume total of 45. Year to date, there have been 22 single family homes sold in the Village, compared to 19 for the first six months of 2015. In addition, 14 homes were in contract as of the end of June.


If sales continue at this rate through the end of the year, it... Read more.